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Innonex® series focuses on inspiring innovative scientific play for children. The coolest and unique creation will surely open the window of colorful learning and creativity that is guaranteed to challenge and give children the basic scientific insight altogether.

PAINTING SCIENTIFIC PROJECT is a fun combination of science and art in one amazing product. “You’ll be amazed” to build-your-own innovative kit, decorate the stylish science piece with eye-catching paints and display the masterpiece project on a special platform.

4D SCIENCE PUZZLE is helpful for the spatial sense. It consists of colorful pre-printed art paper for children to assemble and connect circuit to make from 2D into 3D scientific project that requires NO GLUE and NO CUTTING. It is really a great educational training for fine motor skills, stimulating imagination and inspiring ability to express own creativity. And then connect the electrical circuit to make the 3D paper project to come into 4D action!


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