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Welcome to the amazing world of the GREENEX® series.

GREENEX® series is targeted at encouraging children to learn how to protect and look after the environment through playing in a positive eco-friendly way.

The best selling D.I.Y (do-it-yourself) Action Science GREENEX® series promotes awareness about eco-energy. There are many different stimulating constructions and each is smartly designed that it is easy to build-it-yourself. “You’ll be amazed” to depend on the solar power or handle generator naturally to power each product indoor and outdoor.

The TRANSFORMING SCIENTIFIC KITS IN SOLAR ACTION is a totally new dimension approach to scientific learning. The creative parts can be integrated and transform to THREE or FOUR or EIGHT or even TEN possibilities of scientific action kits.

The MULTI-CONSTRUCTION ECO-ENERGY GREENEX® series is ideally developed for eco-friendly creative builder to construct and create their very own 3D construction with different construction projects. It is also REAL eco-energy experiment too! This is truly an amazing eco-learning concept for the future generation to discover and definitely not to miss out!


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