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CONNEX® is a D.I.Y (do-it-yourself) educational science kit that provides useful knowledge about simple physics, and is suitable for children of 8 years old and up. "You'll be amazed" to find what you can learn as the activity enables you to learn realistic concept of basic physical theory. Once you get started you will be able to build your understanding through experimenting and maybe trying out some interesting experiments on your own.

The CONNEX® series is smartly designed for children to connect with ease and breeze. Simply snap all key components and modules together to start, and pull apart once finished.

All individual kit comes with an Eco-friendly reusable box that is multi-purpose. The box is not only a platform that allows the children to build the experiment, but it is also a safe place as a "storage box" to put and store all the parts. You can carry it anywhere you desire!

The CONNEX® series also comes with a bigger and advanced experiment for more challenging science connection. Each Connect N Learn Set has different concept and will help you understand that different connection gives different reaction in 2-in1, 3-in-1, and 4-in1 super circuit experiment. You will never get bored but totally engaged as you will discover more new exciting experiments for a few years to come.


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