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Welcome to the amazing world of Amazing Toys Limited where original creation of all our products is educational, scientific and eco-friendly too!

Amazing Toys Limited is a manufacturer ready to educate, and inspire the future generation in our CHAINEX® CONNEX® GREENEX® INNONEX® STEMNEX® TRONEX® series. You’ll be amazed to find all our chic creation is dedicated to learning and each product is uniquely developed that can be applied in many real-life situations and with our other amazing products.

CHAINEX® “connects to chain reaction" is a hot science series that comes in super-sized chain reactions with thrilling actions. It is both a dynamic and creative science play in a colorful environment. Build reaction networks that make use of storing and releasing of potential energy to keep the action going! Witness fascinating mechanical tricks! Physically develop and learn through these fun-filled experiments by building and connecting the components to produce amazing chain reactions!

CONNEX® "connects to the next" is designed with each product having its own special function and play value. Children not only can learn different building skills but can also collect all the products under this series to connect together to create even more functions. It is absolutely exciting with many discoveries and children will be amazed to gain a fresh learning experience.

GREENEX® “connects to the environment” motivates learning today and conserving tomorrow. Encouraging everyone to take part in learning how to protect the environment they live in and to have fun at the same time.

Children will be amazed to depend on the GENERATOR SOLAR or WIND POWER to operate each scientific project which can be REUSE RECYCLE REDUCE through engaging different experiments.

INNONEX® “connects to innovation” series is a fun combination of science and art in one amazing STEAM product. Totally awesome for children to express colourful learning by constructing to decorating and displaying their own stylish masterpiece project!

STEMNEX®connects to future scientists” series will intrigue the mind of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics using imagination to build and explore with endless fun! Future generation can learn how science is applied to daily life and how things work around us through embracing STEM concept.  Science stimulates our curiosity and can increase creativity. Technology focuses on turning theories into reality and empowers inventions. Engineering improves hand-eye coordination skills and gives opportunity to connect things together.  Whereas Mathematics helps to promote problem solving skills.  All of these are important life skills for growing and learning in this fast-growing 21st century society. 

TRONEX® “connects to the circuit” is all about teaching children realistic concept of electronics and electricity world. Each educational experiment has a variety of activities and connects circuit to make flying fan, AM/FM radio, doorbell sound, voltage meter, LED light, colour filter, and many more electrifying play using magnetic sensor, finger touch sensor, sound detector, light sensor, to name a few. Children will be amazed to gain the knowledge of the real science at an early age.

All amazing products are designed to help focus on learning about the concept of STEM in Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics. 

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