Amazing toys award page

Dr Toys 100 Best Award

Item number 32100 100+ Circuit Science 
Item number 36524 Amazing Eco-Ten

“We make buying decisions based on lasting play value and product applicability to find a good balance of children’s active, creative, and educational experiences that range from the basics to today’s technology.”

Parent’s Choice Recommend Award

Item number 32328 328+ Circuit City 
Item number 39102 V8 Model Engine

“The Parents' Choice Recommended Seal indicates that our committees found the product distinguished enough to give it a notch above our "Approval" rating. In other words, this commendation implies our approval and, even beyond that, our thorough recommendation for reasons of production, appeal and fulfillment of its clear intent.”

Dr Toys Best Green Award

Item number 36524 Amazing Eco-Ten

“Dr. Toy recognizes these fine Best Green Toy Products and the astute, eco-aware companies making these eco-friendly products. They are each making a difference in their own way and making important contributions. Each step moves us toward a healthier home and community.”

Best Creative Fun Award

Item number 37205 Greenhouse Radio

“Greenhouse Radio combines science and art activities in a single, easy-to-use product. Constructing the functioning radio is great fun, a simple process achieved primarily by snapping or sliding.”
“Products exceptional for the ways in which they inspire creativity and imagination.”

Parent’s Choice Approved Award

Item number 32038 38+ Piano Lab
Item number 36213 Solar & Salt Water Eco-Fan
Item number 36509 Robotic Run
Item number 31304 Skylab Adventure 

“The Parents' Choice Approved Seals are given on the basis of the production, entertainment and human values they exemplify. A Parents' Choice Approved seal indicates a wholesome product that helps children enjoy developing physical, emotional, social or academic skills.”

Brain Child Award

Item number 31304 Skylab Adventure
Item number 39101 Space Gyroscope
Item number 31303 Bounce in Space

Item number 36211 Solar Chopper 
Item number 38807 H2O Pump
Item number 32038 38+ Piano Lab 
Item number 36509 Robotic Run 
Item number 32100 100+ Circuit Science
Item number 38913 125 Scientific Challenge Set

“Exciting products that energize the mind while seamlessly blending fun and learning.”

Dr Toys Best Vacation Award

Item number 38913 125 Scientific Challenge Set
Item number 37106 4D Science T-Rex

Hong Kong Toys Award 2012

Item number 36324 Green Energy Paradise

Almost 100 nominees were enlisted for the Hong Kong Toys and Baby Products Awards 2012. 9 awards had been selected, and Green Energy Paradise was one of the winners.

Nominated for TOY Innovation 2009

Item 36310 3-in-1 Eco-Power Station

Nominated for the Toy Innovation Award 2009, in Nuremberg’s Toy Fair 2009.

2017 Construction Category Silver Award

Item number 31304 Skylab Adventure



2017 Electronic Category Bronze Award

Item number 32100 100+ Circuit Science


am730 x mameshare Toy Awards

Item number 39102 V8 Model Engine

Made by HK Toys Silver Award

Item number 39107 Amazing Steam Engine

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